Hi, I’m Philip. Welcome!

Communicate with fluency, depth, and conviction. 

Foster community and promote tolerance.

Find new ways to tell the stories that matter.

I’m a writer currently living in Los Angeles.

As a communications professional, I believe in the power of words. Their digital age ubiquity doesn’t make them cheap. It only reinforces what’s been true all along: narrative, message, and meaning set the framework for our lives.

In my work, I pursue two related goals:

  1. Promote and support organizations, products, and services that provide political clarity, human services, and environmental sustainability.
  2. Communications and storytelling for the people and projects making society better – for all residents.

My aims are broad by design. I’d like to talk about how I can support your cause, company, or innovation.

“As a communications professional, Philip is adept at technical detail, clarity of copy, and unflashy impact. His writing reflects a nimble mind and, critically, a patient and careful ear.”

– Josh Kamensky, professional communications consultant

“He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at anticipating what people want to read. In a time when writing is essential to every organization, Philip has a clear understanding of how to engage your audience through writing.”

– Rafael Magaña, nonprofit fundraising executive and strategist

Raised in Southern California, I studied history and literature at the University of Chicago. I am a contributing editor at Planetizen, a staff writer at Inside Philanthropy, and a communications consultant for LA-area clients.

Please get in touch, and let’s begin the conversation.

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